Florida’s Premier
Medical Staffing Agency

Providing top talent to the healthcare industry for
Per Diem
Travel Assignments
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Affinity Medical Staffing Home Health Care Tampa, FL

Partner With Top Nurses and Clinicians

Fill open positions at your facility without the stress of applications and interviews—we handle it for you!
Fill Schedule
Reduce stress on current employees by filling open shifts.
Simple Process
We match the right clinician or faculty to your staffing needs.
Timely Recruiting
We can help staff the most urgent of needs.
Full Staff
Better serve your patients and community with a full staff.

Staffing Medical Professionals Across Florida

We provide staffing for Per Diem, Travel, and Contract positions at medical facilities and other locations requiring medical personnel.

Nursing Homes

Surgical &
Critical Care

Flexible Healthcare Opportunities

We are expanding our network of professional, caring and dependable medical personnel, to fulfill Per Diem, Travel and Contract employment opportunities. We offer competitive pay and educational support.
Prisons Tampa, FL
Are you seeking a position with a healthcare facility but want more freedom in your scheduling?
Is your current employer putting a cap on overtime hours?
Are you wanting to supplement your income but don’t have time for another full-time job?
Would you like the opportunity to explore multiple employers before settling into your career?
Are you currently enrolled in a medical training or education program and interested in on-the job training?
Temporary Positions Tampa, FL

Education to Career Transition

Make Money, Gain Experience—While in School!

Affinity Medical Staffing LLC provides employment opportunities to students while in training and upon completion of their respective program.

Same day direct deposits.
Supplement your current work schedule.
Schedule shifts around your classes.
Gain on-the-job experience and career-advancing skills.
Career guidance and mentorship.
Explore new roles and employers.
Temporary Positions Tampa, FL

Community Support
and Supplies

Affinity Medical Staffing, LLC is poised to meet the demands of Healthcare Professionals and Organizations today and beyond. In addition to providing dependable and exceptional staff to the facilities who need it, we are also a wholesaler of PPE and medical supplies. This includes supplies pertinent to the support of the medial facilities and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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