Medical Supplies

Affinity Medical Staffing, LLC is poised to meet the demands of Healthcare Professionals and Organizations today and beyond. In addition to providing dependable and exceptional staff to the facilities who need it, we are also a wholesaler of PPE and medical supplies. This includes supplies pertinent to the support of the medial facilities and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical Equipment

Secure the proper medical equipment your facility needs to best serve your patients and clients. We work diligently to fulfil orders for high-quality medical equipment and supplies and personal protection equipment for healthcare facilities, and organizations.

Cleaning Supplies

Providing good healthcare to your patients and ensuring the ongoing heath of your staff, clients, and guests starts with proper hygiene and cleaning practices in your office or facility.

Dispensers and Refills

It’s the little details that are often overlooked but maintaining a steady supply of washroom accessories, paper products, and cleaning accessories are vital tools that keep your facility running smoothy.

COVID-19 Supplies

From sanitizing equipment to masks and the necessary pandemic supplies in between, Affinity Medical Staffing can assist you in ordering the supplies your facility needs to maintain the health of staff, clients, and guests.

Medical Supply Request Form

Please call (813) 586-0408 ext 6 for more information.

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